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Located in the heart of the Comox Valley, Hairpins Boutique offers a high-end experience with competitive prices and top of the line products.

Stylists and owners, Staysea and Megan, have been overwhelmed by the success Hairpins has received and are ever grateful for how welcoming the community of Courtenay has been. Their combined twenty years in the industry has given them the knowledge and drive to create a business that will be hard to forget.

Offering talented stylists with varied personalities, outgoing customer service, and an eclectic, fun atmosphere, Hairpins is striving to be one of a kind. By evolving with their clientele and constantly offering the latest trends and services, they are ensuring every visit is a unique one.

Unlike other fairy-tales, there are no fire-breathing dragons and shark infested moats here, but Hairpins is filled with its own special brand of magic.

Come in and sit down, the Hairpins’ Girls are waiting for you!